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her shoes say Queen Bee 


Nina + Farid, second day traditional wedding ceremony known as ‘Gufta Mowgad’ (Harari tradition, Ethiopia) mashallah they truly make a beautiful couple, best suited together ❤️

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Efik girls

(The Efiks inhabit the coastal area of South Eastern Nigeria and are very well known nationally and internationally partly because of the prominence of Calabar in Nigerian history and also due to their rich cultural heritage. Among the broad culture of  the Efiks are “Ekombi”, the Efik classical music, “Ukwa”, the only fencing  match in sub-Saharan Africa, “Mbuk”, a  collection of Efik folklore, and “Ekpe”. Abang dance is performed for entertainment  and at festive occasions. The dance can be simple as well as elaborate with  many interpretations behind it. The most famous cuisine “Edikangikong” is renowned  as next to none in Nigeria.

There are a host of other  traditional dance forms. “Nkuho”, where a young female, who is about to be betrothed  in marriage, is confined, taught and molded into womanhood. Here she learns  moral values of the community and how to appreciate herself. While in  confinement, she is not allowed to do any chores. Instead, she eats as much as  she wants; is pampered and taught the Ekombi dance in preparation for the day  that she comes out of the confinement. She is not allowed any male visitors  except her suitor. The length of time in the confinement has changed over the  years.) Source

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Natasha Ndlovu . Dress from here 

Teen quotes

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